Is Your Upline Killing Your Business?

While your upline probably means well, they could be killing your business. In this article, I am going to talk to you about some things that your upline may be teaching you that is killing your business.

There are plenty of old-school marketers that are left doing hotel meetings on a weekly basis, in-home parties and more. The problem is that more people are tired of having these events at their home and want to be able to market online. Before, these old-school marketers were fighting against online marketing strategies, but now they are doing something worse – acting like they know how!

Telling You Not to Blog

Every old-school marketer is going to tell you not to blog because they want you to focus on calling your friends and family. It is true that a lot of people may not have the skills to blog, but those skills can be developed. Your uplines talk about duplication and how blogging is not easy to duplicate, but it is becoming easier to duplicate than doing hotel market events.

Telling You to Tag Your Friends on Social

One of the rudest things you can do in terms of social media etiquette is tagging people in posts they are not involved in or have asked to be kept up with. Old school networkers think it is a good idea to tag these people because it does get your message in front of them, but how do they feel about being tagged in these posts? They are not happy. Do you think people that are not happy with you are going to buy from you? Of course not.

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